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Protect Churchill River Ecosystem


Over half of Saskatchewan is covered by forest—a total of 34 million hectares, a land area larger than all of Germany.


The forest contains a portion of the 2,100 km (1,300 mile) long Churchill River, whose vast drainage basin encompasses about half of the province’s boreal forest and is the breeding ground for 70 to 200 million birds from 175 different species.


WePlant supports ongoing reforestation projects in Saskatchewan that are crucial to the equilibrium of the province’s ecosystem and to offset it's carbon emission coming from oil production. 


Let's restore Saskatchewan nature | Planting trees is not an option, but our duty   

In 2023, WePlant will finance tree-planting projects with your donation nearby Saskatoon 

From 2001-18, Saskatchewan lost 6.23 MH of tree cover, equivalent to an 23% decrease in tree cover

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