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Our Mission

WePlant App grow forest with your spare change | We are powered by financial technologies 

Why WePlant

Our governments failed to adequately fight climate change. Today, carbon pollution is about 60% higher than their levels in 1992, the year in which world leaders met in Rio de Janeiro and agree to limit carbon emissions. WePlant believe we must undergo an unprecedented process of mobilization, collaboration, and empowerment at the grassroots level if we wish to survive the existing climate crisis. With the help of FinTech, we can bypass government inaction; create a community of those who think alike; pool our financial resources; and become the leading force in tackling the climate crisis.              

Who We Are

WePlant is a fundraising community that leverage the power of FinTech to fight climate change by restoring Canadian forests. We collect the spare change resulting from millions of transactions made by our members and uses the funds to finance existing tree-planting organizations in Canada. Our members receive ongoing cash-rewards when they grow our community by referring the WePlant App to others.              

The WePlant App 

GIVE. WePlant’s Roundup Technology does “roundup” the cost of your purchase to the nearest dollar each time you make a transaction with your bank card, and donate it to WePlant.

PLANT. WePlant finances existing tree-planting organizations in the Canadian province of your choice using the monthly accumulated pennies from those transactions.

EARN. WePlant’s Cash Reward Referral Program enables you to share the WePlant app with your networks and earn income on a monthly basis from each successful referral.  

Why We Disrupt

WePlant’s Roundup Technology allows our member to contributes recurring funds with a single easy click. Members can also elect to become fundraisers themselves, monetizing and mobilizing their own social networks into the effort to plant trees to fight climate change —all while getting paid to do it— thanks to WePlant’s Cash-Reward Referral Program. Therefore, WePlant’s army of fundraisers raise ongoing contribution in a completely decentralized manner that is off WePlant’s balance sheet, disrupting traditional fundraising.

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