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Refresh The Boreal Forest 

The trees of Quebec make up 2 percent of the world’s total forested areas. More than half of Quebec’s forests lie within the taiga or boreal forest, the world’s largest land biome.


Combined, the Quebec forests equal almost 10 percent of the world’s boreal forests. Quebec’s forests are currently under siege by insect infestations, wildfires, and logging operations.


WePlant’s reforestation will help refresh the boreal forest and will also position Canada as a worldwide leader in the fight against climate change.

Let's protect & restore Quebec nature | Planting trees is not an option, but our duty   

In 2023, WePlant will finance tree-planting projects with your donation nearby Shawinigan 

From 2001-18, Quebec lost 7.29 MH of tree cover, equivalent to an 9% decrease in tree cover

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