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Save The Acadian Forest


The forests of New Brunswick make up just 2.2 percent of Canada’s total forested lands, but they are home to a great diversity of plants and animals—from the tall trees that tower over everything to the microbes of the forests’ floors.


The World Wildlife Fund has categorized it as “critically endangered,” or at the highest risk category for extinction. Less than 5 percent of the Acadian Forest remains in its native, pre-colonial condition. 


WePlant’s reforestation efforts in New Brunswick will help restore the province’s forests to their pre-dominion density. 


Let's restore New Brunswick nature | Planting trees is not an option, but our duty   

In 2023, WePlant will finance tree-planting projects with your donation nearby Bathurst 

From 2001-18, New-Brunswick lost 1.24 MH of tree cover, equivalent to an 20% decrease in tree cover

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