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Combat Recurring Wildfires

Forests cover two-thirds of British Columbia, an area of about 60 million hectares. During 2018 alone, the province experienced 2,117 wildfires that burned about 1.4 million hectares of land—about three times the size of Prince Edward Island.

The year before, 1.2 million hectares of forest were lost to fire. Some of the forest is expected to grow back on its own, but up to 30 percent may never return without human intervention.


WePlant will help British Columbia restore its lands that have been devastated by wildfires.

Let's protect & restore British-Columbia nature | Planting trees is not an option, but our duty   

In 2023, WePlant will finance tree-planting projects with your donation nearby Revelstoke 

From 2001 to 2018, BC lost 7.32 MH of tree cover, equivalent to an 11% decrease in tree cover

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